2014 K-Pop Comebacks January – March


Here is a quick glimpse of a calendar outlining the major K-pop comebacks scheduled for January – March 2014.

Check out the K-Pop groups and the songs they are returning with.



[Jan, 1]   TVXQ  “Something”

[Jan, 2]   Rain (Bi)  “La Song”

[Jan, 3]   Girl’s Day  “Something”

[Jan, 6]   Ailee  “Singing Got Better”

[Jan, 8]   Dal Shabet  “B.B.B”

[Jan, 13]   A Pink  “Good Morning Baby”

[Jan, 13]   B1A4  “Lonely”

[Jan, 15]   Jaejoong  “Heaven” 

[Jan, 15]  A-Prince (formery TAKEN)  “Yes or No”

[Jan, 15]   GOT7  (Debut)  “Girls Girls Girls”

[Jan, 16]   AOA  “Miniskirt”

[Jan, 16]   Topp Dogg  “Open The Door”

[Jan, 24]   Sunny Hill  “Don’t Say A Word”

[Jan, 24]   Kiss&Cry (Debut)  “Domino Game”

[Jan, 27]   SPICA  “You Don’t Love Me”


[Feb, 3]   B.A.P  “1004 (Angel)”

[Feb, 4]   Roh Ji Hoon “Singing of You”

[Feb, 12]   BTS  “Boy In Luv”

[Feb, 12]   STELLAR  “Marionette”

[Feb, 13]   C-Clown  “Justice”

[Feb, 17]   BTOB  “Beep Beep”

[Feb, 19]   SM the Ballad  “Blind”

[Feb, 20]   T-ara  “First Love”

[Feb, 20]   CNBlue  “Can’t Stop”

[Feb, 25]   AlphaBAT  (Debut)  “Ddan Dda La”

[Feb, 27]   TVXQ  “Spellbound”

[Feb, 28]   Girls Generation  “Mr.Mr.”


[Mar, 3]   2NE1  “Come Back Home”

[Mar, 10]   Orange Caramel  “Catallena”

[Mar, 17]   100%  “Beat”

[Mar, 17]   4Minute  “Whatcha Doin’ Today?”

[Mar, 21]   Super Junior-M  “Swing”

[Mar, 24]   MBLAQ  “Be A Man”

[Mar, 24]   JJCC (Debut)  “At First”

[Mar, 27]   F.Cuz  “One Love”

[Mar, 27]   M.I.B  “Bounce”

[Mar, 28]   TINT  “Wolves Don’t Know”

[Mar, 28]   A-Prince  “Kiss Scene”

[Mar, 28]   AA (Aoora)  “Body Party”

[Mar, 31]   A Pink  “Mr. Chu”

The beginning of 2014 is starting strong in the music scene as we see a lot of comebacks from top groups like TVXQ, Rain, CN Blue, Girls Generation, 4 Minute and more. The battle is fierce and the fans can enjoy their favorite music.

Stay tuned for the comebacks for April-June 2014.


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