Jin Se Yeon Wedding Curse

Header Jin Se Yeon

Actress Jin Se Yeon’s drama characters always make it to the wedding but never live past the wedding night. If you have followed “Inspiring Generation” you may have seen it coming.

A few weeks ago there was a big fuss in the Korean News as the actress has accepted role in another drama, SBS “Dr. Stranger” before the completion of “IG”. This caused Jin Se Yeon to take a few days off for an oversees shoot in Eastern Europe, but was delayed and returned a few days later. The “IG” production was so angry they spread the news in the media. So it comes as a no surprise that they’re taking revenge by killing off her character one episode before the end in I would say “the most ridiculous way”.


Ok Ryeon (Jin Se Yeon) dies on her wedding celebration as she switches the cups and drinks the poison meant for Jung Tae (Kim Hyun Joong). This really brings back memories of her previous drama “Gaksital” where she also died on her wedding protecting her beloved. Her death in both dramas is in the last episode and absolutely unnecessary for the narrative of the story.

This is turning into Jin Se Yeon’s wedding curse and we can wonder if she would have a chance to make it past her wedding night on her on-screen weddings.


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