Japanese Lovely Music

Header Japanese Lovely OST

On rainy or sunny days.. that bring this sweet melancholic feeling,  a playlist with lovely Japanese songs can fill your soul. As England has a lot of rainy days, this are the songs that I enjoy listening to..

Most of the songs are Soundtracks of Japanese Anime or Drama/Movies.

  1. Lands – Hatachi no Sensou (Bandage OST)
  2. Aoyama Thelma – Anata ga Kiechai Sou de (Doraemon OST)
  3. Sugawara Sayuri – Eternal Love (Final Fantasy XIII OST)
  4. Sayuri Sugawara – Sunao ni Narenakute (Sunao ni Narenakute OST)
  5. Tackey and Tsubasa – Sayonara wa Ashita no Tame Ni (InuYasha OST)
  6. Yumi Shizukusa – I still believe (Meitantei Conan OST)
  7. Yuya Matsushita – Lonely Rain
  8. Yuya Matsushita – Winter Sky

Enjoy! ❤

Please feel free to recommend more Japanese songs like these!

End Header Japanese Music


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