God’s Gift – 14 Days – Ending Review

Header God's Gift - 14 Days Ending Review

Korean drama ‘God’s Gift – 14 Days’ started off as a interesting suspenseful mystery that gripped the audience right from the start. The drama had an outstanding cast, but it was Jo Seung Woo who stole the show with his amazing performance and made everyone love his character, Ki Dong Chan.

Every episode of the drama was full of twists making you stand on your toes and curious on how the time travel twist will get resolved in the end. But the most anticipated ending turned out as a big slap on the face. The whole resolution was shown in the last 10 minutes of the finale with a big black-out screen scene creating an indefinite ending, leaving all fans angry.

How did the drama end?

We see Ki Dong Chan being drugged and tricked that his mom killed Saet Byul so he decides to toss her body in the lake. He then flashes back to what he thought was a dream but it turns out that he was Saet Byul’s killer in the original timeline (being tricked as well) and that is why he was tossed in the lake by the gangsters at Ji Hoon’s orders to avenge her death. This is repeated in the curent timeline except Saet Byul manages to move at the last moment alerting him she is still alive. But he remembers the fortune teller saying “One must die in order for the other to live” and he decides it has to be him… and then we hear a huge SPLASH and cut to a black screen. Everything after that is a few seconds scenes of the president admitting to his family crimes, Dong Ho released from prison with blurry figures waiting for him outside and So Hyun and Saet Byul staring at the lake and happily walking away.

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What?! I had to double check again in case I missed something..  When a character dies its with the purpose of having a dramatic impact but here it was unclear and wrapped up too quickly.

Later SBS revealed another ending showing the bad people being arrested and Dong Chan telling the miracle story to Saet Byul. At the end of the miracle story Saet Byul asks if the knight that helped the mother and child survived and Dong Chan only smiles and pates her head. We switch back to So Hyun and Saet Byul walking away from the lake. END

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For me the key to the drama ending is the ending of the miracle story and we are given the hint with Dong Chan’s smile instead of answering if the knight survived. If we think that this is a story of a miracle time travel to save a child it does makes sense there to be a sacrifice.. so like in the story Dong Chan gives his life to save the child in the end.

I think this ending should of been shown in the original last episode to give more sense in the story. The writers creating an indefinite ending was really unsatisfying… but as the initial emotions are passing I am starting to accept and understand it.

Regardless, the drama was really amazing and I would recommend it to anyone!

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