K-Dramas 2014 – May

Header 2014 K-Dramas May (1)

This is TOP 3 Korean Dramas for May that caught my interest. These are some of the most anticipated dramas and I sure hope they will live up to the expectations. The dramas range from interesting spy doctor story, to rookie detectives in fun situations and serious intense life melodrama.


Doctor Stranger


Lee Jung Suk plays Park Hoon, who as a child was kidnapped with his father by North Korea. In North Korea, Park Hoon becomes a genius chest surgeon. He flees to South Korea and begins to work in South Korea’s top hospital, but he feels like a complete outsider. He is ready to do anything to bring his love from North Korea.

It looks like a really interesting spy doctor drama. I also like the cast beside Lee Jung Suk as he is joined by Jin Se Yeon, Park Hae Jin, Kang So Ra and Bora (SISTAR).


  You’re All Surrounded


The drama follows 4 twenty-something-year-old rookie detectives that learn the job at a police station in Gangnam. The comedy wrapped with action and mystery is an interesting take on the detective drama theme.

The story looks to be filled with funny and clumsy moments along action scenes as we see Lee Seung Gi and Go Ara play rookie detectives and Cha Seung Won their unwilling supervisor.




Lee Bum Soo, Kim Jae Joong (JYJ) and Im Si Wan (ZE:A) play three brothers who were separated as kids and lived apart for 20 years without knowing of each other. They meet again unexpectedly and begin their relationship as brothers. Lee Beom-Soo plays the oldest brother who is detective, Jae Joong plays the middle brother who looks like a gangster and Si Wan plays the rich and cold youngest brother.

The story reminds me of the good drama “Giant”, but can it also reach its success.

Is there a drama you really look forward to watch?


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