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We all have our favorite celebrities that we admire and adore. For them to be on top of their game they need to also put a lot of effort in their health, looks and body shape. I love it when they share their little secret tips for maintaining their fresh looks. Here I collected some of the top Korean celebrities’ beauty tips to share with you.

Beauty Tips from:


Moon Chae Won (skin maintenance tips)

moon chae won mcw skin

“Very simply, I try not to touch my face. I put a towel with ice-cold water and use it as a cold pack to cool down the heat. I keep water bottles (500 ml) in the car so if I get thirsty, I try not to drink juice and drink water. I put on sunscreen mist before l leave the car to protect my skin from the sun, maintain moisture, and give a cooling effect on my skin.”

“My skin gets bloated easily so I wash my face using a green tea bag and lukewarm water to brighten my complexion. I also make tea with omija, chrysanthemum indicum, and ginseng to take care of my inner beauty.”

Rainbow BLAXX (skin maintenance tips)

rb Rainbow-jaekyung-_txi3


 “I have a product that feels like Vaseline and I use it generously on my face.”


 “My skin is negatively affected when the seasons change and I was told that my skin felt tight because it lacked moisture.  When I feel that my skin is tight, I apply a generous amount of moisturizer.”

Seung Ah

 “Every two days, I do a face mask,”

In overall Rainbow BLAXX girls shared how “important is to meticulously apply moisturizerand more than anything not put on make-up so that the skin could rest and breathe.

Big Bang’s T.O.P (skin maintenance tips)

ChoiSeungHyun  -T-O-P-top-from-big-bang-33335291-480-702

“I drink a lot of water.. When I work, I lose a lot of water, so it’s good to drink a lot. My skin tends to go worse when I don’t drink.”

Yoo In Na  (maintaining perfect figure tips)

For-Actress-Yoo-In-na-Wobbles-Are-Just-Part-of-Finding-the-Way  yoo in na

“They’re methods that everyone knows, but I think people find it hard because they can’t keep on doing it.  From my experience, drinking only water for two to three days changes your skin.  In addition, I rarely eat white rice.  I do eat things like cabbage often. At night, I avoid snacking.”

Wonder Girls Sohee (maintaining perfect figure tips)

nocutnews_sohee_7    sohee

“Instead of exercising specifically, I try to move around a lot.. I’m a pretty big eater, but I don’t eat dinner.”


And in addition here is a video where After School’s Nana demonstrates how she puts on make-up step-by-step showing tips for both everyday and a night out look (good girl/bad girl style).

good girl bad girl

It’s amazing how these are pretty easy and simple things to do.

What do you think?


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