Japanese Dramas 2015 (January – March)

Header - J-Dramas 2015

I haven`t been interested in a Japanese Drama in a long time, but finally something caught my eye. The plot stories seem interesting and of course I wouldn’t miss checking the new drama with  Oguri Shun.

When it comes to J-Dramas there is this distinct style that is easy to pinpoint. While Korean dramas are romance happy and bubbly,  you can notice that Japanese dramas tend to have a darker style. This of course does not make them any less good. This dramas keep to that tradition and if you are a fan you may like what’s coming.





Ikuo and Tatsuya are orphans. At their elementary school, they see Teacher Yuko, who took good care of them like a real older sister, killed right in front of them. Ikuo and Tatsuya tell the police what they saw, but the case is covered by a police officer wearing a gold watch.

15 years later, Ikuo (Toma Ikuta) now works as a detective. He is a good person and his arrest rate is the highest at the police station. Meanwhile, using his handsome appearance and cleverness, Tatsuya (Shun Oguri) becomes a high ranking Yakuza.

Detective Ikuo and Yakuza Tatsuya have a singular purpose, which is to find the man wearing the gold watch, dig out the truth and reveal the dark side of the police organization.

Cast: Oguri Shun, Ikuta Toma, Ueno Juri


Angel’s Knife



Takashi Hiyama (Keisuke Koide) works as a cafe manager. He has lived alone with his 4-year-old daughter since the death of his wife Shoko (Izumi Fujimoto). Shoko was killed by three 13-year-old boys 4 years ago. The three boys were protected by the Juvenile Act.

Now, even though Shoko’s friend (Kana Kurashina) and cafe employee (Yudai Chiba) try to dissuade Takashi, he begins to search secretly for the three boys. Someone then makes an attempt on the boys’ lives one by one. Detectives suspect Takshi as he made threats in the media 4 years ago that he would seek out revenge if the boys were not prosecuted. Meanwhile, Takashi tries to find the truth about the three boys.

Cast: Koide Keisuke, Kurashina Kana, Fujimoto Izumi


Oanchan, Gacha

oanchan Gacha


Mkiko (Rio Suzuki) is an elementary school student. Her family is poor. To get her ideal older brother, she turns the handle of a gacha (toy vending machine).

Cast: Suzuki Rio, Kishi Yuta, Fukasawa Tatsuya


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