2015 K-Dramas: The Battle of the Multiple Personality Disorders!

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2015 is starting strong in the drama land. One thing I have noticed over the years following K-drama industry is that if a drama with specific theme becomes a hit then dramas with the same theme follow right after. For example when in 2013 “Good Doctor” had a great success many doctor themed dramas followed after: ‘Medical Top Team‘, ‘Emergency Couple‘ and ‘Doctor Stranger‘.

But what are the odds of two dramas about split personalities to have same time running slot, a complete face-off for first place in the ratings?


Kill Me, Heal Me


This drama is perfect execution of acting, directing and interesting plot.

The brilliance of ‘Kill Me, Heal Me‘ is the amazing performance delivered by Ji Sung in portraying 7 different personalities. We can’t help but love Cha Do Hyun, a chaebol struggling with multiple personality disorder, and his daredevil persona Shin Se Gi. The drama portrays the theme wrapped in comedy perfectly with Ji Sung and Hwang Jung Eum chemistry shining. Who is going to win your heart of the 7 personalities?

Ji Sung`s personalities:

Kind Cha Do Hyun

KMHM  Cha Do Hyun

Bad Shin Se Gi

KMHM Shin Se Gi

40s Perry Park

KMHM Perry Park

Suicidal teen twin Yo Sub


Idol  Obsessed twin Yo Na



Cha Do Hyun (Ji Sung) is a third-generation heir who developed dissociative identity disorder (multiple personality disorder) after a traumatic experience.

While he tries to keep his DID a secret and regain control over his life with the secret help of Oh Ri Jin (Hwang Jung Eum), her twin brother Oh Ri On (Park Seo Joon), is a writer determined to uncover the unscrupulous lives of the rich and follows Do Hyun around. Can Do Hyun take control over his condition before one of his seven personalities takes control over him instead?


Hyde, Jekyll, Me


“Hyde, Jekyll and Me” is Hyun Bin‘s comeback drama after military duty. He is an amazing actor and choosing the challenge of playing a lead with two different personalities (even if they are not 7) is great. Sadly so far the drama has failed to grab the viewer’s hearts. The plot is interesting but you can’t help but see that something is missing.

I hope the drama just has a slow start and will build up and deliver strong, just like Hyun Bin`s hit drama “Secret Garden”.



Gu Seo Jin (Hyun Bin) is a third-generation chaebol who seemingly has everything — looks, brains, and fortune. Due to a childhood trauma Seo Jin have a split personality — one is a cold and ruthless man, while the other is kind and gentle.

When his doctor mysteriously disappear Seo Jin needs the help of Ha Na (Han Ji-Min) in exchange to keeping her circus in Wonderland. But Ha Na starts falling in love with both the mean Seo Jin and the sweet Robin (Seo Jins` other personality), can he keep his secret. Can a woman be in a love triangle with just one man?

Whichever drama wins you over, enjoy!


3 thoughts on “2015 K-Dramas: The Battle of the Multiple Personality Disorders!

  1. God, I love KMHM. Ji Sung is so good in playing 7 personalities and I fell in love with Shin Se Gi. I love the chemistry of JS and HJE so much and the story is getting more and more fun to watch.

  2. I agree! Really loving this show and Ji Sung is awesome in it! I was surprised and pleased how he can pull off so many different personalities.
    I don`t take any medical aspects seriously in tv shows so I am enjoying it.

  3. Well deserved success. The drama is pleasantly good and has gone beyond my expectations. The story is well balanced and thanks to the brilliant cast I enjoy its dynamic.
    I love Ji Sung and Hwang Jung Eum chemistry since Secret days.

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