Choi Jin Hyuk transforms into a vampire for movie ‘Love♡Vampire’


Choi Jin Hyuk, the actor who stole the viewer’s hearts with his role as Gu Wol Ryung, a mythological creature known as a gumiho, in “Gu Family Book” will be returning in another supernatural role – a vampire.

Red Brick House, Choi Jin Hyuk’s agency, revealed “Choi Jin Hyuk will act as ‘Mike’ in the Japanese film Love♡Vampire, depicting the love story between human and vampire.”

The movie will premiere in Japan in April 2015. It is a global project also featuring Japanese stars Mirei Kiritani and Totsuka Shota as the leads, Hong Kong star Ekin Cheng and Taiwanese star Meng Geng Ru (Summer Meng).

“Love Vampire” tells the story of a vampire Keira living her life as a human, who reunites with her childhood friend and first love Tetsu after eight years of separation. She starts to dream of faving a family and ordinary life. Choi Jin Hyuk will be acting as Mike, the right hand man of vampire boss Derek (Ekin Cheng).

Choi Jin Hyuk received the casting offer in June 2014 and has gladly accepted it mentioning, “I remembered the drama ‘Gu Family Book’ when I received the script. Things such as transformations and supernatural powers reminded me of the drama a lot. In fact, I figured I wouldn’t have problems acting as a vampire since I’ve acted such roles in ‘Gu Family Book.’ But, I do hope I can show a new side of my acting through this new role.”

It may be the last time viewers see him before he leaves to fulfill his mandatory military duty.


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