Song Joong Ki offered a role in movie ‘Martial Arts’


There is a few months left until my favourite Song Joong Ki finishes his military service and returns to the screen but there are already rumours around about his comeback project.

Recently there was a buzz about Song Joong Ki taking the lead role in upcoming movie ′Martial Arts’, but on January 30th the actor’s agency, Blossom Entertainment has officially denied the reports and stated that it’s just one of the many offers he is considering following his military discharge in May 2015.

“Martial Arts” is science-fiction action movie set in a dystopian future where energy is scarce. The story follows a high school boy who stumbles upon a mysterious village full of criminals that holds the secret of procuring endless energy. It will be directed by Park Kwang Hyun famous for the hit ‘Welcome to Dongmakgol’.

The movie has had troubles finding a lead male. It first received much attention for being Zo In Sung′s comeback project but because of delay he dropped out, and in 2014 there was great controversy after actor Yeo Jin was cast but suddenly cut from the project. As the plot is unique in K-Drama the movie has potential and hopefully will finally settle.

A_Werewolf_Boy-p2  The_Innocent_Man_(Nice_Guy_-_Korean_Drama)-p2

Song Joong Ki left for his military service at the high of his popularity after his last projects had a great success “A Werewolf Boy” and “The Innocent Man”.

Therefore there is no surprise that there are many casting offers for his comeback. We can just look forward to see him on the screen again and what role will he take.


One thought on “Song Joong Ki offered a role in movie ‘Martial Arts’

  1. I miss Song Joong Ki! I can`t wait to see him in a drama or movie. I think he is the type of actor that chooses his projects well and challenge himself with the roles, that`s why I`m sure it would be good. May seems so far away..
    Please update more news D_Angel7!

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