Upcoming movie ‘Twenty’ with Kim Woo Bin, Kang Ha Neul and 2PM`s Junho


It looks like 2015 will be Kim Woo Bins year of taking over the big screen. Currently we watch him as the cool safe-cracker in “The Con Artists” which received a great success, but there won`t be long before we see him again – this time showing a completely different side of himself as a dorky student in the upcoming movie “Twenty”. This would be his first comic role ever.

Kim Woo Bin will be joined by 2PMs Junho and rising star Kang Ha Neul (Monster, Heirs) to form a group of three friends who chase after girls and dreams, looking for their place in the world.

The producers are heightening the anticipation for the movie premiere with the release of adorable still cuts and the character trailer. Besides the boys’ good looks viewers can anticipate their bromance and funny chemistry, promising comedy with fun and dorky acts.

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Release Date: March 2015

Cast: Kim Woo Bin, Junho, Kang Ha Neul, Jung So Min, Lee Yoo Bi

The movie “Twenty” illustrates the story of three ever childish friends who just turned twenty, and the endless opportunities, as well as obstacles, they face in life and love.

Kim Woo Bin plays Chi Ho, a girl-crazy guy who throws all of his energy into getting girls, despite being unemployed and with no idea what to do with his future. Junho plays Dong Woo, a manhwa artist, struggling to choose between the reality of being a starving artist and his long-time dream. He study to re-take the college entrance exam while working every part-time job he can find. Kang Ha Neul plays the happy-go-lucky golden boy Kyung Jae, a college freshman who does everything well.

Trailer:  Kim Woo Bin will be portrayed in a much different light than his previous ‘bad boy’ roles, showing a fresh and comical take on his acting. For his choice to play in the movie Kim Woo Bin said, “I’ve been thinking that I need to show a new side of myself and my acting, and after much contemplation, I chose ‘Twenty.’ I plan to go into filming as a student, with one hundred percent trust in and learning from Director Lee Byung Hun”.

“Twenty” promises to be a cheerful, realistic story about youth, showing the loves and friendships of three boys as they turn twenty.


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