If you listen to K-Pop there is a band you should know for sure – BIGBANG.

Since their debut in 2006, BIGBANG managed to establish themselves as cultural icons. They are trendsetters of the Korean music scene, having considerable influence on both music and fashion alike. BIGBANG is also arguably the band with the most international recognition. 


G-Dragon, TOP, TAEYANG, DAESUNG, and SEUNGRI are one of the few artists that self-produce many of their songs. G-Dragon is the leader of the group and the person behind writing and producing BIGBANGs biggest hits: from early classics ´We Belong Together´,´Lies´ and ´Haru Haru´ to recent chart-hits´Tonight´,´Blue´ and ´Fantastic Baby´.


The songs ´We Belong Together´, ´Lies´, ´Haru Haru´ and ´Blue´ can melt with their soft music, while ´Tonight´ and ´Fantastic Baby´ can rock the party in any club.

All five members are equally successful in their respective solo careers. G-Dragon songs “One of a Kind”, “That XX”, “Who You?” and all songs from “Coup D’etat” album topped music charts in a “perfect all-kill”, Taeyang solo album “Rise” achieved an “All-Kill” in Korea and #1 on the iTunes Album Chart in 10 countries, and TOP has success as an actor: “IRIS”, “71: Into the Fire” and the “Commitment”.

BIGBANG latest mini-album in 2012, “ALIVE” is the perfect display of BIGBANG’s growth and maturity as singers and producers and is a testament of their efforts to continuously progress.


At the last concert of BIGBANG`s “Five Dome Tour” in Japan on 18th January, G-Dragon promised fans that BIGBANG will make a comeback with a new album in 2015.

My personal favourite BIGBANG (& Solo) playlist:

“We Belong Together”, “Lies”, “Haru Haru”, “Blue”, ”Tonight”, G-Dragon: “That XX”, “Who You?”, “Window”, “Crooked”, “Coup D’etat”, “R.O.D”, Taeyang: “I Need A Girl”, “Ringa Linga”, “Stay with Me”, “Eyes, Nose, Lips”, GD X TAEYANG – “GOOD BOY”


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