Great K-pop Collaborations


In the last few years collaborations are becoming a trend in K-Pop music scene. It’s a great chance to see idols showing their vocal talents in a different music style, as well as bring less known artists to a wider public.

This trend is proving to be very strong, as in the last two years duet songs gained a lot of love from fans and swept music charts. You can see some of the best song collaborations that have a permanent spot on my playlist.


Soyu (SISTAR) & Mad Clown – Stupid in Love

Soyu (SISTAR) & Mad Clown – Stupid in Love

Soyu and Mad Clown’s ‘Stupid in Love’ was most likely the song that started the whole duet trend. A piano based melody with Soyu’s sweet vocals and Mad Clown’s battle-hardened raps managed to make it one of the top songs for summer 2013.

Trouble Maker – There’s No Tomorrow (Now)

Trouble Maker - Troublemaker

Hyuna (4Minute) and Hyunseung (BEAST) sure make a fantastic duo. Created as a sub-group they become the ‘couple fatale’ and their song achieved an All-Kill on various Korea’s major music charts.

Soyu (SISTAR) & Junggigo – Some

Soyu & JungGigo

The song that swept up all Korean charts in 2014, started the trend of duets between idols and less known artists. Soyu and Junggigo are a sweet and refreshing collaboration in the K-Pop scene.

Hyorin & Jooyoung – Erase

Hyorin & Joo-young

Continuing the trend of pairing a less known artist and an idol, Hyorin & Jooyoung’s warm voices create a sensuous song you can’t help but re-play.

Taeyeon (SNSD) feat. The One – Like a Star


The story behind this collaboration is very sweet. The One was Taeyeon’s vocal trainer when she was younger and they promised they would meet each other again when they are on the top. The song is warm and sweet.


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