4MINUTE goes ‘Crazy’ and more fiercer than ever


4MINUTE showed a complete different style with their comeback with “Crazy”.

4MINUTE`s strong comeback even caught the attention of Billboard. After showing a softer side of themselves with the pre-release single “Cold Rain”, the group made their return with “Crazy” – showing an amazing updated look.

Coming back fiercer than ever, 4MINUTE re-energize their sound and style and get ‘Crazy’ in ultra-fierce MV. ‘Crazy’ is a hip-hop dance track, with aggressive and fast tempo beat powered by drum, bass and synth sounds. The music video is completely monotone in black and white, emphasizing their powerful and independent styles. The intense choreography goes further to highlight the members’ powerful presence and charisma.

Billboard article states “4MINUTE, who showed a different side to them through their ballad, ‘Cold Rain’, has spread their wings after releasing their double title song, ‘Crazy’… The MV sticks as one of 4Minute’s most striking with a strong, black-and-white theme…“


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