Great K-pop Collaborations (Featuring Artists)

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Besides the famous duet collaborations there are a lot of hit songs that have featuring artists. The combinations are so good it`s hard to imagine any of the songs without the guest artist.

Generally many singers make such collaborations for their debut or comeback tracks as it is another way to excite fans. Does it work? You can see some of the best song collaborations that have a permanent spot on my playlist.


Bang Yong Guk ft. Yoseob – I Remember

Bang Yong Guk ft. Yoseob

Amazing song. With the powerful rapping and deep voice of Bang Yong Guk and the strong melodic vocals of Yoseob, this song is hard to beat. The Music Video is very intense and it matches the song perfectly.

Tablo ft. Taeyang – Tomorrow

Tablo ft Taeyang

A powerful collaboration of the talented rapper Tablo and BIGBANGs main vocalist Taeyang. The song is soft but addicting and the powerful chorus stays with listeners long after the song ends: “there’s no more tomorrow until you come back.”

Mad Clown ft. Hyorin – Without You

SISTAR-Hyorin & Mad-Clown

There is a reason why this song ruled the music charts. With Mad Clown’s fierce and distinctive rap and the husky, powerful voice of SISTAR‘s Hyorin this song is soul touching.

Verbal Jint ft. Sanchez (Phantom) – You Deserve Better

Verbal Jint ft. Sanchez (Phantom)

The song is amazing. Verbal Jints rapping to Sanchezs beautiful vocals create a soft song with powerful lyrics and touching melody.

 Jay Park ft. Dok2 – Know Your Name

Jay Park ft Dok2

A great collaboration between the two rappers. The song is a mix of hip hop, euro-dance and pop music which is unique for K-Pop music and it doesn’t fail to grab you. Jay Park is not afraid to create his own music style.

 G-Dragon ft. Lydia Paek – R.O.D

G-Dragon ft. Lydia Paek

G-Dragon is ‘One of a Kind’. This song has a great dubstep rhythm, G-Dragons amazing rapping and Lydia`s catchy chorus just make you re-play it again and again.

 Song Ji Eun ft. Bang Yong Guk – Going Crazy

Song Ji Eun ft Bang Yong Guk

‘Going Crazy’ is R&B/hip-hop song with impressive piano rhythms. The song leaves a strong impression with Song Ji-Eun’s melancholy vocals and Bang Yong-Gook’s solemn rap.


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