BIGBANG’s comeback rising fervour among fans


BIGBANGs powerful influence in K-Pop and among fans is proven once again. Following the news of the group‘s impending comeback this April, their 4th mini-album ‘Tonight’ released in 2011 is seen raising at the top on Gaon Music Chart.

The top ranking albums in the chart have been released in the past month, but surprisingly #6 is taken by BIGBANGs old album. Upon its first release their 4th mini-album achieved an all-kill in Korean charts and was the first K-Pop album to reach the Top 10 on US iTunes chart. Their hit title track “Tonight” dominated the music charts.


It seems that fans cannot wait and the anticipation and excitement for BIGBANG’s comeback is rising high after YG Entertainment‘s Yang Hyun Suk disclosed to the media on February 12, “YG’s first batter of 2015 will be Big Bang.  They plan to release a new album in April… My heart was fluttering when I listened to their new song.  I was in such a good mood listening to Big Bang music for the first time in a long time.”


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