Sweet Romantic Comedy Korean Movies

Marriage Blue (2013) couple close

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner there is nothing better than setting the mood with fun and sweet romantic movies.

A romantic movie date is great mood setter, helping you create your own romantic memories. Here is a collection of sweet romantic comedy movies.


Love Forecast (2015)

Love Forecast love

Cast: Lee Seung-Gi, Moon Chae-Won, Jung Joon-Young, Lee Seo-Jin

“Love Forecast” – the romance between a man and a woman that is unpredictable like the weather. Joon-Soo (Lee Seung-Gi) is sweet guy who gives everything to the girl he loves but he always get dumped. Hyun-Woo (Moon Chae-Won) is self-assured girl who wins the affections of guys easily. They have maintained an odd friendship for 18 years, but how will it change? It is a super sweet romantic comedy perfect for the month of love February.


My P.S Partner (2012)

my ps partner kiss

Cast: Ji Sung, Kim Ah-Joong, Shin So-Yul, Kang Kyeong-Jun

‘My P.S Partner’ is fun and romantic comedy. Yoon-Jung accidentally calls a stranger Hyun-seung, instead of her boyfriend, and has phone sex with him. When her relationship with boyfriend turns sour and Hyun-seung is having trouble getting over his ex-girlfriend they end up starting talking over the phone about their respective relationship problems. Eventually they decide to meet and a more intimate friendship develops, with both falling for each other.


Marriage Blue (2013)

Marriage Blue (2013) love

Cast: Kim Kang-Woo, Kim Hyo-Jin, Lee Yeon-Hee, Ju Ji-Hoon, TaecYeon, Lee Hee-Joon, Koh Joon-Hee

“Marriage Blue” follows four couples and their sweet and hilarious situations as they prepare for their weddings. Tae-Kyu and Joo-Young seem happy until he learns that Joo-Young is a divorcee. So-Mi and her fiancé Won-Cheol have been together for 7 years but has different views on marriage. So-Mi wants pure love, but Won-Cheol thinks of the marriage as a living arrangement. Days before their wedding, So-Mi meets Kyung-Soo.

Gun-Ho is about to marry Vika from Uzbekistan but begins to wonder if Vika is only marrying him to attain Korean citizenship. During a baseball game, Yi-Ra tells her boyfriend Dae-Bok that she is pregnant and he immediately proposes. Preparing for the wedding, they begin to argue a lot.


Cyrano Dating Agency (2010)

Cyrano Agency 2

Cast: Uhm Tae-Woong, Lee Min-Jung, Park Shin-Hye, Daniel Choi, Jun A-Min

‘The Cyrano Agency’ takes a mischievous approach to obtain love. The company offers a unique cupid service for lovelorn clients. The company intricately devises and implements schemes, custom tailored to match the interests of their intended target, for the ultimate goal of obtaining romance for their client. When the bosses ex-girlfriend, whom he has never gotten over is their next target what will happen?


Seducing Mr. Perfect (2006)


Cast: Uhm Jung-Hwa, Daniel Henney

‘Seducing Mr Perfect’ coach you about love tricks. Min-June is getting over her recent break-when she bumps her car into a man who as her luck might have it is her new boss. She pretends to not speak English thinking that she wouldn`t see him again. Robin decides to teach her lessons in love and she is dared to seduce him to make him apologize for his behavior. Will she succeed or will she get her heart broken again?


The Perfect Couple (2007)


Cast: Lee Dong-Wook, Hyun Young, Jeon Su-Kyeong, Lee Jeong-Heon

‘Perfect Couple’ makes you laugh and wonder if opposites really attract each other. Young cop with debilitating phobia meets a hyperactive young journalist who complicates his life and career by always managing to do the wrong thing.



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