K-Drama OST – Love Songs

You Who Came From the Stars

One of the most unique aspects that I like in Korean Dramas is the use of original soundtracks, songs specifically created for the show. Some of the most popular love songs in Korea are drama inspired OSTs.

Amazing mood setting, soul-touching soundtracks create the romantic atmosphere in the story, and why not for your own special moments. Here is a love songs playlist to fall in love with.


Yoon Mi-Rae – Touch Love (Master`s Sun OST)

Master`s Sun

Lee Jong Hyun (CN Blue) – My Love (A Gentleman’s Dignity OST)

A Gentleman's Dignity

Ailee – Tears Stole the Heart (Secret OST)


Lyn – My Destiny (You Who Came From the Stars OST)


Changmin (2AM) – Moment (The Heirs OST)

The Heirs

Kim JaeJoong – I’ll Protect You (Protect the Boss OST)

Protect the boss couples


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