Web drama ‘Dream Knight’ with GOT7 and Song Ha Yoon

GOT7 Dream Knight

I have always liked web dramas – sweet and short, with interesting stories and a chance to watch popular K-pop idols showing their talents in drama setting.

Web drama ‘Dream Knight’ first gathered attention for casting K-Pop group GOT7 and actress Song Ha Yoon as the leads. Upon its release online on January 27th, the web-drama has achieved such popularity that even exceeded the current broadcasting dramas in Korea and placed 5th on the Korean Drama Hot Air ranking chart.

Dream Knight web drama

‘Dream Knight’ combines music and dance to tell a story – a girl suffering from painful memories, experience love and friendship with a group of mysterious boys who suddenly appear in front of her. The first episode had more than 1 million views in less than 12 hours of its release, and the drama was rated 9.4 out of 10 points in just three days of its pilot episode.

Besides showing their dance talents GOT7 members caught attention by pulling off different styles, expressing their unique charms. Another highlight of the web drama are the ‘boyfriend-GOT7 dolls’ that became a favourite toy for the fans.

Dream Knight Boyfriend GOT7 dolls

The web drama ‘Dream Knight’, co-produced by Youku, Tudou and JYP Pictures, also has a star cameo line-up including Miss A‘s Min, 2PM’s Chansung, Park Jin Young, 15&’s Park Ji Min and Choi Woo Shik, SS501 Kim Hyung Jun, Clara and more.

‘Dream Knight’ airs every Tuesday and Thursday via Korea’s Naver TV Cast, China’s Youku and Tudou, and Thai’s Line TV.

Dream Knight cameo Miss A Min Dream Knight cameo SS501 Kim Hyung JunDream Knight E08

GOT7’s JB released “Forever Love”, a solo OST track for the webtoon series ‘Dream Knight’. The song is a sentimental ballad with sorrowful lyrics and beautiful instrumentals.

Photo credit: JYP Entertainment


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