Song Joong Ki to lead drama ‘Descendants of the Sun’


Song Joong Ki left for his military service at the peak of his popularity after the success of his movie “Werewolf Boy” and hit drama “The Innocent Man”. So it comes as no surprise that writers and producers alike are in a rush to get the actor for his next project.

There is a lot of buzz on what project Song Joong Ki will take on for his comeback from the many love calls send his way. Some of the biggest offers are for movie “Martial Arts” and Kim Eun Sook’s newest drama “Descendants of the Sun”. Reportedly the actor has decided to accept the later but his agency stated that the final confirmation will come after his discharge.

song joong ki-army

This drama role will be the smoothest transition for Song Joong Ki back in the acting world after the army, as it combines the two worlds. “Descendants of the Sun” is about a love that unfolds overseas, between young people working in the UN Peacekeeping Forces. The two main characters are a soldier in the Special Forces Security Team and an army surgeon that end up in dire situations and risk their lives to rescue others, learning in the process to be considerate of one another and falling in love.

“Descendants of the Sun” is written by Kim Eun Sook, the acclaimed writer for hit dramas “Secret Garden” and “The Heirs”. It’s a huge production with 80% overseas shoots and the entire show will be fully pre-produced before broadcast on KBS in the early fall of 2015.

I absolutely adore Song Jong Ki and I can’t wait for his return on the screen.


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