Hot Trend: Web Dramas

Web Dramas Since the Korean search portal NAVER launched its first web drama in February 2013, web dramas keep growing in popularity. Light and easy to consume stories, short episodes you can watch during your break and star-studded cast of actors and k-pop idols seem to have created a hot trend in K-Entertainment scene.

At least 20 web dramas have been produced in South Korea since 2013 and as their popularity grows, all three of Korea’s major drama production companies are considering the format and launching mini-drama series. Major entertainment companies such as SM, YG and JYP are also said to be investing in web dramas, to serve as an acting platform for their stars.

By the looks of it the short web dramas are changing the local entertainment scene. Originally web dramas have between six to ten episodes, each around 15-20 minutes, and are only available through sites such as YouTube or social networking portals. Many web dramas are based on existing webtoons or web comics/manhwa. Here is a list of hit web dramas you should check out.

Web Dramas:

Dream Knight (9.0)

   Dream Knight stills

The hit fantasy romance ‘Dream Knight’ stars members of the band GOT7, actress Song Ha Yoon and Miss A’s Min. The web drama combines music and dance to tell a story – a girl suffering from painful memories, experience love and friendship with a group of mysterious boys who suddenly appear in front of her.

Love Cells (9.5)


Another hit fantasy romantic comedy ‘Love Cell’ starred Park Sun Ho, Kim Yoo Jung, 4Minute’s Ji Hyun, Kim Woo Bin and Jang Hyuk. The story of a ′love cell′ cat that looks like a human that tries to teach love Ma Dae Choong, who is determined to revive his dying love cells with an extraordinary romance.

Vampire Flower (7.5)

 Vampire Flower stills

Web drama ‘Vampire flower’ stars members of the K-pop group A-Jax and actress Kim Ga Eun. It is a vampire romance between Louis and Seo Young, as they go on an adventure to find the Vampire Flower, tucked away in the land of vampires.

SETISETI stills Web drama ‘SETI’ stands for Search for Extra-Terrestrial starring Seo Hyo-rim and SS501 Kim Kyu Jong. The story follows a couple who searches for extra-terrestrial (alien) intelligence in the universe.

After School Luck or Not (7.0)

 After School Lucky or Not stills

The fantasy-romance ‘After School Luck or Not’ starred the members of 5urprise. The story centres of an after-school club with five handsome high school boys, and an introverted girl who is invited to join their inner circle.

Aftermath (8.0)

 Aftermath stills

Another internet hit was ‘Aftermath’ starring Kim Dong-jun of k-pop group ZE:A. The story follows a teenage boy with supernatural powers.

There are a few more upcoming web dramas to look out for. ‘Love Detective Sherlock K’ with Girls Day’s Yura and Infinite’s Sungkyu; ‘Prince’s Prince’ starring F.T Island’s Jonghun, AOA’s Yuna and Lim Yun Ho; ‘Dr. Mo’s Clinic’ will star actor Kim Young Kwang and 2NE1’s Sandara Park; ‘Jumping Girl’ with f(x)’s Luna, Block B’s U-Kwon and B-Bomb and SECRET’s Hana. Enjoy this short web dramas during your breaks!


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