K-Drama OST – Ballads


As I mentioned before one of the most unique aspects in Korean Dramas is the use of original soundtracks, songs specifically created for the show.

Now adding to the collection of OST music are some of the best soul-touching ballads. Here is a ballad songs playlist, you can feel you’re heart move with heartbreak sadness, the mood of rainy day.


Master’s Sun OST

Hyorin (SISTAR) – Crazy of You

Masters Sun

Discovery of Romance OST

Acoustic Collabo – It’s Strange, With You

Discovery of love

Secret OST

Navi – Incurable Disease


Marriage, Not Dating OST

Ho Young Son & Danny Ahn – One Day

marriage not dating

Nice Guy/ Innocent Man OST

Junsu – Love Is Like Snow

Cho Eun – No One is Better Than You

innocent man

Fated to Love You OST

Ailee – Goodbye My Love

fated to love you

The Moon That Embraces the Sun OST

Kim Soo Hyun – Only You One Person

The Moon That Embraces the Sun


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