Movie ‘Socialphobia’ tackles the dark side of Social Media

Social Phobia

With so much media buzz about the upcoming movie ‘Twenty’ there is one that almost passed under the radar. A hidden treasure was discovered in the Korean thriller movie ‘Socialphobia’, tackling the dark side of online social networks, or otherwise called a “SNS witch hunt.”

The movie’s driving theme examines the disruptive effect of communication in the digital era focusing on the cyber bullying that many young people suffer by in modern Korean society. In a society where the slightest bit of gossip can change your life the movie bears a strong message.

social phobia stills

‘Social phobia’ tells the story of Ji Woong and Yong Min who are preparing for their police exams when they join a movement organized through SNS, which sets a witch hunt seeking the real identity of a person ‘Re-na’ who left vicious comments online about a soldier’s suicide. Gathering together a group of eight participants to track her down while live broadcasting it, they soon find themselves from the hunters to being the target of netizen ire after the girl is found dead. Can they uncover the truth when they start suspecting each other?

The movies cast is young but impressive. Byun Yo Han, who skyrocketed to fame with the drama ‘Misaeng’, takes on the lead portraying the psychological effects social media can cause on a young ordinary person. Joining him will be Lee Joo Seung known for his strong supporting role in ‘Iron Man’. An impressive young cast, a social problem mixed with a mystery the movie promises to be worth keeping an eye on.

“Socialphobia” will be released on 12 March 2015.

social phobia stills-5social phobia stills-1 social phobia stills-2 social phobia poster


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