Forbes Top Korea Celebrity Power Ranking for 2015

Forbes - Top Korea Power Celebrities

Korea Power Celebrity 40 is an annual ranking list made by magazine Forbes based on the popularity and influence of Korean celebrities. To be on that list holds a lot of prestige in the entertainment industry.

The ranking is determined by the top most searched Korean celebrities of the year and ranking them based on income, CFs, mentions in media and magazine cover appearances. The results for 2015 have been released and the Top 3 positions are held by three major celebrity fields – K-pop, actors and athletes represented by EXO, Kim Soo Hyun and Kim Yuna.

Forbes Power Celebrity 40 for 2015 – TOP 10:

  1. EXO (singer)
  2. Kim Soo Hyun (actor)
  3. Kim Yuna (athlete)
  4. Jeon Ji Hyun (actress)
  5. Sohn Yeon Jae (athlete)
  6. Lee Seung Gi (actor)
  7. Ryu Hyun Jin (athlete)
  8. Song Heung Min (athlete)
  9. SNSD (singer)
  10. Sistar (singer)

Forbes Top 10 Korea Power Celebrities

Top 3 for 2014 were SNSD, BIG BANG and Suzy but this year they are pushed down on the list. Among the other celebrities that appeared in Top 40 were actors Lee Jong Seok (12), Hyun Bin (19), Ha Jung Woo (27), Kim Woo Bin (29), Park Shin Hye (33) and Im Shi Wan (35) and K-pop singers IU (14), 2NE1 (17) APink (18), BEAST (20), BIG BANG (23), Super Junior (24), Suzy (34) and TVXQ (37).


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