The Return of K-Pop Legends

K-Pop Legends concert

Even as a new generation idols fan, in K-Pop Music you must have heard about the legendary first wave of K-pop idols, as their popularity is everlasting. Before there was SNSD, 2NE1, Big Bang and Super Junior, during late 90’s and early 2000’s g.o.d., H.O.T., S.E.S., Fly to the Sky and Shinhwa created the storm known today as K-Pop. Familiar with these names?

Now some of this legendary groups are back and their successful comebacks further proved their strong influence in the music industry and among fans.




The longest-lived K-pop boy band, Shinhwa is still active and a true legend. Their comeback in 2013 with lead track “This Love” swept all Korean charts and collected eight first place wins. On February 26, 2015 Shinhwa released their 12th album ‘WE’ making fans took trip down ‘Memory’ lane with their beautiful song.



g.o.d took the K-Pop music scene by storm. Often referred as ‘the Nation’s idols’ and considered ‘Legends of K-Pop’, the whole nation eagerly waited for the five voices return. They reunited in 2014 for g.o.d’s 15th Anniversary and their comeback song ‘The Lone Duckling’ achieved an all-kill on ten music charts just one hour after its release. Impressive!

Fly to the Sky

fly to the sky

The South Korean R&B duo was the first to shied away from upbeat techno and dance music, becoming legends with their mid-tempo ballads. With their music style the duo marked the transition to the next-generation stars. They returned in 2014 releasing their 9th album “Continiuum”; the title track “You You You” peaked at number one on Gaon digital chart.


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