The Ex-Girlfriends in drama ‘Ex-Girlfriends Club’

Header Ex-girlfriends Club cast

Upcoming drama ‘Ex-Girlfriend Club’ confirmed Jang Ji Eun, Lee Yoon Ji and Hwayoung to be playing the ex-girlfriends. Byun Yo Han sure a lucky actor playing opposite lead Song Ji Hyo and these glamorous actresses.

The drama will follow the story of a webtoon writer, who uses his past dating life for inspiration and turns his ex-girlfriends into webtoon characters. When his webtoon becomes a hit and is about to be turned into a movie, he finds himself in a situation to face all of his ex-girlfriends once again, all together. Comedy will definitely ensue.


Song Ji Hyo will play the movie producer, while the ex-girlfriends include a klutz with high qualifications, an older female divorcee and a C-list sexy actress. Lee Joon Yi plays the successful businesswoman ex-girlfriend, Jang Ji Eun plays the first love turned divorcee ex-girlfriend, and Hwa Young plays the not-too-bright but glamorous actress ex-girlfriend. Having them all meet sure promises a lot of comic moments.

The tvN drama will première in May.


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