‘Twenty’ promises a good laugh with full Movie Trailer

movie twenty

The movie “Twenty” bromance-centric movie that illustrates the story of three friends who just turned twenty, and the endless opportunities, as well as obstacles, they face in life and love.

Kim Woo Bin is a girl-crazy unemployed guy, who breaks up with his girlfriend to date a rich girl rather than figure out his future. Junho is hardworking guy that struggles between reality and following his dreams. And Kang Ha Neul is students perfect golden boy until he falls for his pretty sunbae in school.

movie twenty individual posters x2

movie twenty stillcuts

twenty stillcut

The full movie trailer was released last week and it focuses on the personalities and issues surrounding the three friends. With all the buzz around it and the released posters and pictures, ‘Twenty’ promises a lot of laugh with its comic situations. Look forward to watch it as the movie comes out this month.

Main trailer for Twenty:


One thought on “‘Twenty’ promises a good laugh with full Movie Trailer

  1. lol I am the first to comment here!
    I’ve been waiting for this movie for so long…. its already May but I still haven’t watched it. Does anyone know an online site?

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