Hallyu Wave: The Most Popular K-Pop Boy Bands

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One of the strongest aspects of Hallyu (Korean) Wave is K-Pop, a genre of popular music produced in South Korea. A unique characteristic of K-Pop is the creation of idol groups that companies launch after the members have passed numerous auditions and a rigorous training in dance, choreography, vocal training, etc.

You’ll also be surprised at the amazing fan club base (with its own fan club name and colour) that K-Pop groups have. The popularity of a group is decided by the fans, so here are the most popular K-Pop boy bands that you should know.




BIGBANG has established themselves as cultural icons. They are trendsetters of the Korean music scene, having considerable influence on both music and fashion alike, and are well respected for their ability to compose and produce their own music.

Top Songs: ‘We Belong Together’, ‘Lies’, ‘Haru Haru’, ‘Tonight’, ‘Blue’, ‘Bad Boy’



EXO debuted in 2012 but is already considered one of the most successful K-Pop boy groups. They made a huge entrance in K-Pop as a diverse and inventive 12 member group, which is divided in two sub units EXO-K and EXO-M, promoting in both South Korea and China.  Their debut single “Mama” topped various music charts in both countries.

Top Songs: ‘What is Love’, ‘Mama’, ‘Wolf’, ‘Growl’, ‘Overdose’



TVXQ is one of the oldest and mega popular K-Pop groups. They continue to reign in the charts and have a solid fan base even after their split in 2010, when 3 of the members left the group, leaving TVXQ to promote as a duo.

Top Songs: ‘Hug’, ‘Mirotic’, ‘Wrong Number’, ‘Keep Your Head Down’, ‘Something’

Super Junior

super junior

Super Junior is known as the biggest K-Pop group with a total of 13 members. Their huge popularity came in 2009 with the track “Sorry Sorry”. They stay as one of the most popular groups even today.

Top Songs: ‘Sorry Sorry’, ‘It’s You’, ‘No Other’, ‘Mr. Simple’, ‘Mamacita’



BEAST become one of the well-known K-Pop groups in 2010 with their song “Mystery”. They hold their place among the most popular groups as the groups’ every comeback tittle track always sweeps the charts.

Top Songs: ‘On Rainy Days’, ‘Fiction’, ‘Beautiful Night’, ‘Will You Be Okay?’



2PM is known as the “Beasty Idols”. Their electric and acrobatic dance style won them many fans, and their song “Again & Again” not only achieved No 1  on various music charts but it established the group among the best K-Pop groups.

Top Songs: ‘Again & Again’, ‘Heartbeat’, ‘Hands Up’, ‘Go Crazy’


cn blue

CNBLUE known as “Code Name Blue” is one of the first pop-rock bands that managed to establish themselves as idols in K-Pop music scene. Their breakthrough came in 2010 with their hit song “I’m a Loner”.

Top Songs: ‘I’m a Loner’, ‘Intuition’, ‘Still in Love’, ‘I’m Sorry’, ‘Can’t Stop’

F.T. Island


F.T. Island is considered to be the first South Korean instrumental idol band to make a breakthrough in the industry with huge popularity. Their debut song “Lovesick” topped the charts for eight consecutive weeks.

Top Songs: ‘After Love’, ‘Bad Woman’, ‘Hello Hello’, ‘Severely’



SHINee debuted with single “Replay” and the group has won several music awards since then. They are famous for their trendy fashion, even having their style named by  fans as “SHINee Trend”.

Top Songs: ‘Replay’, ‘Ring Ding Dong’, ‘Lucifer’, ‘Hello’, ‘Everybody’



Infinite’s debut album “Come Back Again” in 2010 put the group among the best known K-Pop groups as it became an instant hit. The seven members are also very popular with their successful individual activities.

Top Songs: ‘BTD (Before the Down)’, ‘Be Mine’, ‘Paradise’


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