Korean Disaster Movies

Cover Korean Disaster Movies

Disaster movies has gathered intense interest in South Korea. With interwoven dramatic storylines, heartfelt acting and 3D effects, Korean movies make a bold new addition to the disaster action film genre.

All the movies listed below are fine examples and will take you through different disasters: fire, epidemic and tsunami. Enjoy movie time filled with action and suspense that will put you on the edge of your seat.


The Tower (2012)

The Tower


A Christmas Eve party at a luxury Tower Sky twin tower building takes a horrific turn when a fire breaks out. Helicopters are hired to circle the building and spray man-made snow as a special spectacle for the guests on the party. The amazement soon turns into terror when a helicopter loses control and crashes into the building, setting off a chain off horrifying events that threatens the lives of all the residents.

Cast: Sol Kyung-Gu, Son Ye-Jin, Kim Sang-Kyung, Kim Sung-Oh, Do Ji-Han


The Flu (2013)

The Flu (2013)


The worst epidemic ever seen is sweeping through Bundang, the suburb of Seoul. A group of illegal immigrants are smuggled into the country and one of them is a carrier for a lethal and highly contagious virus.

Soon, thousands of people become infected every hour by the deadly virus, which kills within 36 hours of infection. The entire suburb of Bundang is quarantined by the government in a desperate attempt to stop the virus from spreading further. When her own daughter is infected Dr. Kim and firefighter Kang Ji-Koo work together in a race against time to find a cure.

Cast: Jang Hyuk, Soo-Ae, Ma Dong-Seok, Lee Hee-Joon, Yu Hae-Jin


Tidal Wave (2009)

Tidal Wave (2009)


Professor Kim, a marine geologist, recognizes the impending danger of a mega tsunami headed straight for Haeundae, a popular vacation spot on the south coast of Korea. His desperate attempt to warn the authorities is ignored. Enjoying a peaceful, hot summer day the vacationers don’t know that a 500 MPH destructive force of nature is headed in their direction.

Cast: Sol Kyung-Gu, Ha Ji-Won, Uhm Jung-Hwa, Lee Min-Ki, Kim In-Kwon


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