Drama ‘Orange Marmalade’ teases viewers with still cuts

Drama Orange Marmalade stills

Vampire drama ‘Orange Marmalade’ released still cuts teasing viewers.

KBS production has released pictures for the drama characters and stills from the filming, bringing anticipation for the sweet school vampire love story. Yeo Gin Goo, AOA’s Seolhyun and CN BLUE’s Lee Jonghyun look gorgeous in the still cuts in school uniforms, and they are absolutely rocking the vampire look bringing that vibe in the innocent school setting.

Drama Orange Marmalade couples stills

‘Orange Marmalade’ is based on a popular webcomic, with the story set in fictitious world. 200 years ago, humans and vampires created a frail peace treaty. In the present day, Jae Min (Yeo Jin Goo) is the most popular student at school, who falls in love with transfer student Baek Ma Ri. Baek Ma Ri (AOA’s Seolhyun) is actually a vampire who hides her true identity in order to avoid conflicts and live peacefully with humans. Han Shi Hoo (CN BLUE’s Lee Jonghyun) is a cold and mysterious vampire student who keeps a low profile about his true identity and tries to suppress his thirst for blood to fit in among humans.


Orange Marmalade vampire couple Yeo Gin Goo & Seol hyun stills Orange Marmalade vampire couple Lee Jong hyun & Seol hyun stills Orange Marmalade AOA Seolhyun still cut Orange Marmalade AOA Seolhyun stills Orange Marmalade Yeo Gin Goo still cut Orange Marmalade Yeo Gin Goo stills Orange Marmalade CNBlue Lee Jonghyun still cutOrange Marmalade CNBlue Lee Jonghyun stillsCBpUVu9UoAAOViM


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