Drama ‘Missing Noir M’ intrigues from the start + cameo from Kang Ha Neul

missing noir m korean drama poster

OCN’s newest Saturday thriller drama ‘Missing Noir M’ has an impressive start and a surprise cameo appearance from popular actor Kang Ha Neul.

From the first episode the production proves to be a slick and smartly-written crime drama. The dramas’ opening case taut and intrigue, delivering suspenseful narrative that will keep you on your toes, introducing us to a team composed of a genius former FBI agent, an experienced detective, and a hacker tackling on the most difficult missing persons cases.

Missing Noir M Kang Ha Neul cameo still cut

Actor Kang Ha Neul turns into perfect psychopath, in a special cameo appearance for ep. 1-2, and sets a deadly game challenge towards genius Gil Soo Hyun and his team. His perfect portrayal of the dark character is only one of the things that will instantly grab you in the drama. Main actors Kim Kang Woo and Park Hee Soon also captivate with their brilliant performance, making you look forward to the dynamics of the team.

Missing Noir M still cutMissing Noir M drama stills

‘Missing Noir M’ drama title sums it all up: M stands for missing people while “noir” means dark, crime genre. The Special Missing Persons Unit deals with top 1% of special missing cases  involved with the most violent crimes. The new leader of the team is genius forensic investigator Gil Soo Hyun (Kim Kang Woo), who attended Harvard at the age of 10, and he will partner with veteran detective Oh Dae Young (Park Hee Soon), known as the best in the field with his intuition. With the help of hacker Jin Seo Joon (Jo Bo Ah) and medical examiner Kang Joo Young (Park So Hyun) the unlikely duo will tackle the hardest cases in the field.

missing noir m (korean drama) stillsMissing Noir M postersMissing Noir M still cutsMissing Noir M stillsmissing noir m (korean drama) still cutMissing-Noir-M-Cast Actors


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