Top 3 New Korean Dramas March 2015

top 3 2015 new k-drama march

March 2015 brings us a few interesting Korean dramas. Here are the Top 3 viewers should add to their watch list.

‘Missing Noir M‘ is a slick and smartly-written crime drama that will keep you on your toes, while ‘Angry Mom’ mixes touching story and comedy as a mom goes undercover in school to protect her daughter. Lightening the mood even more is the family rom-com drama ‘Bluebird’s House’, about young college graduates and their struggles and dreams, wrapped in comedy. Here are the best new Kdramas.

[NOTICE: After the dramas are completed I will rate them on scala 1/10]


Missing Noir M (10/10)

missing noir m korean drama poster


The Special Missing Persons Unit deals with top 1% of special missing cases involved with the most violent crimes. The team leader, genius forensic investigator Gil Soo Hyun (Kim Kang Woo), will partner with veteran detective Oh Dae Young (Park Hee Soon), known as the best in the field with his intuition and the help of hacker Jin Seo Joon (Jo Bo Ah), and the unlikely trio will tackle the hardest cases in the field.

Cast: Kim Kang Woo, Park Hee Soon, Jo Bo Ah, Park So-Hyun


Angry Mom (8.5/10)

Angr Mom poster


Oh Ah Ran (Kim Yoo Jung) is a sweet and smart high school student who befriend the class outcast and becomes the target of school bullies. But the bullies may soon realize that they messed with the wrong girl when Ah Ran’s mother learns about the bullying. Jo Kang Ja (Kim Hee Sun) is not your average mother, she is a tough-as-nails, foul-mouthed mother with a quick temper and mad knife skills. How she plans to deal with the bullies? – by going back to school.

Cast: Kim Hee Seon, Ji Hyun Woo,  Kim You Jung, Baro, Ji Soo, Lizzy


Bluebirds’s House (5.5/10)



A family rom-com drama, revolving around the strong bond between family members and friends. The drama portrays the hope of parents toward their children’s success and the difficulties fresh university graduates have to get respectable and well-paid jobs. Each of the four leads has different dreams and obstacles they need to overcome, but is all wrapped up in funny situations and good comedy.

Cast: Lee Jun Hyuk, Chae Soo Bin, Lee Sang Yeob, Kyung Soo Jin


Take your pick and enjoy!


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