Top 3 New Korean Dramas April 2015


April comes with some much-anticipated K-dramas, viewers should add to their watch list.

‘Who Are You – School 2015‘ of the hit school series brings us a mysterious twist, ‘Falling for Innocence’ lets Jung Kyoung Ho‘s character change personality from cold to goofy after getting a new heart, while ‘The Girl Who Sees Smells ‘ mixes crime and sweet romance. Here are the best new Kdramas.

[NOTICE: After the dramas are completed I will rate them on scala 1/10]


Who Are You – School 2015 (8/10)

Who Are You School 2015 poster


Set at a prestigious private high school in Gangnam, Seoul. Eun-Byul (Kim So Hyun) is a popular student that suddenly goes missing and returns with no memory and changed personality. She tries to find the truth, of who she is and who is behind the strange messages she receives.

Cast: Kim So Hyun, Nam Joo Hyuk,  Yook Sun Jae


Falling for Innocence/Fall in Love with Soon Jung (6.5/10)

falling for innocende k-drama


Can your personality and perspective on life change after getting a new heart? Kang Min Ho (Jung Kyung Ho), a successful cold-hearted and cynical investor, suddenly changes after a heart transplant, and finds himself falling for Soon Jung. Can he manage his new-found personality with the demands of his cutthroat career?

Cast: Jung Kyoung Ho, Kim So Yeon, Yoon Hyun Min, Jin Goo


The Girl Who Sees Smells (4/10)

Girl Who Sees Smells poster


Choi Moo Gak (Park Yoochun) lost his younger sister in the “Bar Code Murders” three years ago, and lost his senses. Oh Cho Rim (Shin Se Kyung) is a girl who survived the event, lost her memory but gained the ability to see smells. Brought together by fate, can they work together to solve the case?

Cast: Park Yoochun, Shin Se Kyung, Namgung Min, Yoon Jin Seo




2 thoughts on “Top 3 New Korean Dramas April 2015

  1. A score of 4/10 for “the girl who sees smells” is a little bit harsh. This drama was not fantastic but doesn’t deserve a 4 out of 10… I would say a minimum of 6 but my opinion is about 8 or 9 (especially if School 2015 is rated 8/10, for which I did not like the ending at all). The villain acting was OUTSTANDING, the comedy parts quite entertaining and the lead actors were decent enough. Overall the drama was entertaining with lots of action and comedy and lots of unexpected twists, and the level of romance was just the right dose for me.

    • I am glad you have enjoyed the drama, but for me the only thing that kept me following the drama was the villain acting and his story. I felt the drama story was very on the surface, the actress felt very stiff and overall the drama didn’t manage to grab me at all.
      I agree with you about the ending of ‘School 2015’, but overall the story kept me interested and covered school bullying issues well, although at the end it become too focused on the couples and the ongoing shipping wars, which I didn’t like.
      The dramas are rated solely based on my personal opinion and evaluation of them, so I respect others opinions.
      Thank you for sharing yours.

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