‘Who Are You – School 2015’ teases viewers with adorable still cuts from the filming set

who are you school 2015 cast stills

Much anticipated upcoming KBS 2TV Korean drama Who Are You – School 2015′ revealed adorable still cuts of the leads.

‘School 2015’ is the sixth of the popular ‘School’ series of KBS, staring Kim So Hyun, BTOB‘s Sungjae and Nam Joo Hyuk. The series are famous for their realistic portrayal of the struggles of Korean youth, the bullying, social issues and growth of the students during their precious high school years. ‘School 2015’ will present it with an interesting twist in the story.

Who Are You - School 2015 still

The first released still cuts show the bright happy three main leads and hint at a possible love triangle.  ‘School 2015’ intrigues with a mysterious twist of switched identities and follows the story of the students from an elite school, a bullied turned popular girl, a swimming star and a troublemaker.

The production also dropped a short teaser video including a montage of every ‘School’ series, which first aired back in 1999. The last of the series ‘School 2013‘ achieved great popularity and turned Kim Woo Bin and Lee Jong Suk into stars.

Kdrama ‘Who Are You—School 2015’ premiers on April 27.


Who Are You - School 2015-still School 2015 BTOB's Sungjae stills school2015 Nam Joo Hyuk stills school 2015 Kim So Hyun stills school2015 still

School 2015 Nam Joo Hyuk stills who-are-you-script-reading


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