Drama ‘Falling for Innocence’ sets a lighthearted mood wrapped in heavier theme

falling for innocende k-drama

jTBC’s newest Friday-Saturday drama ‘Falling for Innocence’ is lighthearted and sweet mood wrapped in a heavier theme.

‘Falling for Innocence’ aka ‘Falling in love with Soon Jung’ s first episodes set the intense context and successfully wrapped it up with lightening the mood comedy situations. Jung Kyung Ho finally gets the chance to show his goofy comedy side since his last dramas were all dark. The great chemistry between the leads and directing proves the dramas worth despite the cheesy and overused plot idea.

falling for innocende stills

Jung Kyung Ho portrays perfectly the character of the cold and ruthless corporate shark and his sudden change of heart, showing a funny and goofy side. It does bring the question if its possible a person to change his personality after a heart surgery, and even start exhibiting the habits and feelings of someone else, but in drama land everything can happen and it actually makes the drama intriguing and funny to watch.

The plot story revolves around Min Ho who is a cold cutthroat investor set on taking revenge against his uncle who stole his dead father’s company. His personality and view on life starts to change after a heart transplant surgery as he begins to have unexplained warm feelings for a woman he originally disliked, due to her fathers involvement with his uncles betrayal. Soon Jung also starts to get confused feelings as she sees him display habits of her dead fiancé. Her dead fiancé lawyer friend Joon Hee promises to take care of her, but there is secret he keeps.

‘Fall in love with Soon Jung’ stars Jung Kyoung Ho, Kim So Yeon, Yoon Hyun Min, Jin Goo, Jo Eun Ji and more.

Falling-For-Innocence-Fall-in-Love-with-Soon-Jung stillsfalling for innocende stills-1Falling-For-Innocence-drama stillsfalling for innocende-stills Enjoy!


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