A Year After Sewol Ferry Tragedy, Koreans and Hallyu Stars are paying tribute

 remember 2014.04.16

April 16, 2014 marked a tragic date in South Korea, when Sewol Ferry sank along with 304 of its passengers. The tragedy is even more heart-wrenching as most of the passengers were high school students going on a school trip.

Today, April 16, 2015, a year after this tragic accident Koreans are mourning their deaths. Celebrities are also honouring the Sewol Ferry victims using Social Media with simple pictures of yellow ribbon with the phrase, “remember 2014.04.16.” 

Remember 2014 04 16

“We won’t forget” stars paid tribute to Sewol Ferry 0ne year memorial. Among the Halluy starts that honoured the victims are Kim Woo Bin, with his handwritten letter to one of the victims, Lee Min Ho, Park Shin Hye and many more. Park Shin Hye wrote a short message “Kids who were as beautiful as flowers in the full bloom of youth, have flown away like flower petals. If you cease to hold onto it, it will be forgotten, if you do not remember, it will be forgotten.”

Danwon High School classrooms sit empty while the students desks are piled with flowers and notes from grieving parents and friends.

Rest in peace!

Danwon High School

Photo: Lee Jin Man/Associated Press


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