Drama ‘Who Are You – School 2015’ reveals sweet first teaser and characters stills

School2015 still cuts

Korean drama Who Are You – School 2015′ teases viewers with more still cuts from the filming set and a sweet first teaser.

The new still cuts introduce us to the main characters and the rest of the cast. The stills show Kim So Hyun as a bullied student, Nam Joo Hyuk as the swimmer star and BTOB‘s Sungjae in an aero stunt portraying his troublemaker personality, and the rest of the students from class 3.

school 2015 class

The first teaser starts with ‘I am most pretty when I am 18’ and creates the foundation for the school theme; it sets a lighter mood for the story and gives us overview of all the students of class 3.

The story is set at a prestigious private high school where Eun Byeol (Kim So Hyun) is bullied student who suddenly goes missing and returns with no memory and changed personality. Her life changes when her “fate is switched” with another’s. Han Yi An (Nam Joo Hyuk) is a swimming star who seems cold and indifferent on the outside, but is actually a warm-hearted guy. Gong Tae Gwang (BTOB’s Sungjae) is a troubled boy with an explosive temper, who gets into trouble everywhere he goes because of his free spirit, while Park Min Joon (Lee David) is a hard working student who has never lost to first place. Kim Joon Seok (Lee Pil Mo) is their newly appointed teacher who faces the realistic social matters as he connects with the students.

Kdrama ‘Who Are You—School 2015′ premiers on April 27.


School 2015 Kim So Hyun--stills School 2015 BTOB's Sungjae's aero stunt School 2015 Nam Joo Hyuk School 2015 Lee David stills school 2015 Lee Pil Mo school 2015school2015 stillsWho Are You - School 2015 scrept reading



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