Song Ji Hyo and Byun Yo Han adorable in ‘Ex-Girlfriend Club’ posters and fun-filled teasers

Ex-Girlfriend Club poster

Song Ji Hyo and Byun Yo Han show off their adorable chemistry in recently released posters, still cuts and teasers for upcoming drama ‘Ex-Girlfriend Club‘.

tvN‘s ‘Ex-Girlfriend Club’ production team continues to drop teasers heightening the viewers anticipation. ‘Ex-Girlfriend Club’ is a romantic comedy about a popular webtoon artist who writes about his ex-girlfriends, when the story is being made into a movie he is forced to deal with the angry women whose stories were made public; starring Byun Yo Han, Song Ji HyoLee Yoon JiJang Ji Eun and Hwayoung (ex-T-ara member).

Ex-Girlfriend Club still cutsThe first poster (below) shows Byun Yo Han nervously smiling while his ex-girlfriends look comically angry at him, giving the viewers a taste of how fun the drama will be. The teaser further highlights this showing the four ex-girlfriends chasing after Byun Yo Han, as he tries to escape. The second teaser gives viewers a sneak peek by Bang Myung Soo introducing the girls of his life:

“Jia (Jang Ji Eun) is an aloof woman. Hwa Young (Lee Yoon Ji) is too in love with me. La La (Choi Hwa Young) is young and passionate. Soo Jin (Song Ji Hyo) is a bear-like woman, we are just friends.”

And the new spring-themed poster (on top) shows the happy couple with the ex-girlfriends lurking behind. Along with the poster a behind the scenes footage from the poster shooting gives us a peak on the chemistry of the leads.

The comic-romance drama ‘Ex-Girlfriend Club’ premiers on May 8.

Check out the teasers and still cuts below.

Teaser 1

Teaser 2

BTS Footage

Ex-Girlfriend Club still cutSong Ji Hyo and Byun Yo Han - Ex Girlfriend CLubEx-Girlfriend Club still-cutEx-Girlfriend Club 1st posterEx-Girlfriend Club script readingEx-Girlfriend Club script-reading


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