Highly anticipated drama ‘Producer’ releases a fun looking first teaser

producer stll-cut

KBS2 Korean drama ‘Producer’ starring Kim Soo Hyun, IUCha Tae Hyun and Gong Hyo Jin recently dropped their first teaser heightening fans anticipation even more.

The reasons for the dramas’ high anticipation are the star-studded cast, its written by ‘You From Another Star’ screenwriter Park Ji Eun, its being produced by the variety department of KBS network and its actor Kim Soo Hyun’s much anticipated comeback.

Producer still

The first teaser uses Avril Lavigne‘s ‘What the Hell’ and gives us a glimpse at the actors’ respective character’s personality: veteran Cha Tae Hyun, quirky Gong Hyo Jin, dorky Kim Soo Hyun and aloof IU. The cute teaser promises fun and teases the viewers of the possible characters relationships and interactions.

‘Producer’ will première on May 9th.



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