Bii’s new album ‘Action Bii’ with touching ballads

Bii Action Bii Album1

Korean-Taiwanese singer Bii (Bi Shu Jin) released his long waited album “Action Bii”. Through this album the singer has challenged himself by writing and composing his own music. His soulful voice touches through soothing ballads, which seems to be the main genre for this album.

His beautiful ballad ‘I’m Still Missing You’ is used as an opening theme for the currently airing romantic Taiwanese drama ‘Someone Like You’. Bii mixed up Mandarin, English and Korean in the only two upbeat songs from the album titled ‘Action Go’ and ‘Baby Don’t’.


Bii surprised his fans by shooting music videos for 7 of his songs. England and Paris seems as the perfect background for the soothing ballads.

Action Bii tracklist:

  1. Action Go
  2. By My Side
  3. I Wanna Say
  4. 你在ㄍㄧㄥ什麼? (Baby Don’t?)
  5. 我還想念你 (I’m Still Missing You)
  6. 我們在愛中漫步 (We Are Walking in Love)
  7. Break Me Down
  8. 我愛你不會改變
  9. Find The Way
  10. 黑與白

Check the music videos below!


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