Korean Movie ‘Socialphobia’ with intriguing dark Trailer

Socialphobia (2015)

The movie ‘Socialphobia’ is rewriting the records set by independent movies. The trailer intrigues with dark and intense plot delving into the scary online world.

‘Socialphobia’ is an SNS witch hunt, as the protagonist dig up the truth about the death of one person caused because of an online bullying. The question ‘Is it a suicide or a murder?’, puts the group in danger as they become from the hunters to the hunted. This K-movie is gathering a lot of attention for starring rising actor Byun Yo Han, who gained fame from drama ‘Miseng’

‘Social phobia’ was released in South Korea on 12 March 2015.



3 thoughts on “Korean Movie ‘Socialphobia’ with intriguing dark Trailer

  1. It’s one of the movies i’m definitely looking forward to for the suspense and the mystery! I’m curious how it will deal with a few fragile social issues among tech “action” and witch hunts!

    • Me too! This whole SNS online posting is an actual big issue in Korea, how netizens comments have such power that can affect and may destroy peoples lives (take Epik High’s Tablo for example). I really can’t wait to watch this movie!

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