‘Show Me the Money’ gives spotlight to Korean Hip Hop music and rappers

show-me-the-money-3-judgesMnet‘s ‘Show Me the Money’ is South Korea’s only survival music program centred solely on hip-hop.

The show gained attention for giving spotlight to Korea’s underground rappers, with ‘Show Me the Money Season 3’ (SMTM 3) being the most successful season due to its crazy line-up of top Korea’s rappers.

The concept of the show is to select a group of promising rappers by holding auditions after which the winners of the audition are put in teams under big name rappers and producers, and have a head-to-head elimination rounds where their survival is judged by the votes of a live studio audience.

SMTM 1 was comprised mostly of amateur and underground rappers, with producers MC Sniper and group Garion. It brought to the spotlight rappers Loco, Iltong and Double K

SMTM 2 used already well known rappers from the underground hip hop scene, giving some of them exploding popularity, like rappers Soul Dive, Mad Clown, Swings and MC Meta.

SMTM 3 is the most hyped season due to its crazy line-up of prominent Korean hip hop figures (‘producers’) with Tablo, Masta Wu, San E, Swings, Dok2 and YDG. The season brought to the spotlight new faces as well as already known rappers in the music scene like Iron, Olltii and iKON‘s B.I and Bobby.

Mad Clown, Swings, Olltii, B.I

If you enjoy hip hop or music TV shows, SMTM will introduce you to the Korean hip hop scene. Below are some of the best tracks from SMTM 3.


Bobby – Raise the Ground & Bounce

Iron – Malice

B.I – Be I

Olltii ft. Block B’s Zico – That XX

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