Drama ‘Misaeng’ pulls at your heartstrings with deep and raw emotions

Misaeng ep1

Korean drama ‘Misaeng’ is considered the best drama in the last two years, judged by viewers as well as by the top Korean PDs.

When everyone says ‘Misaeng’ is amazing, it is not just words. The dramas first episode cements this as it immediately starts to pull the viewers heartstrings, making them feel the deep raw emotions, leaving your chest heavy and eyes watering. Such a strong and emotional beginning leaves a deep impression, something none other drama has managed to achieve.

The brilliant performance of the cast ZE:A‘s Siwan, Kang Ha Neul, Kang Sora, Byun Yo Han, Lee Seung Min and more, breathes life and soul into the story. The story portrays the reality of the world of young interns and office workers, giving insight to the struggles, aspirations and wounds they get along the way, things many can relate to. There isn’t need for anything else to be said about this drama, words cannot describe it as it simply has to be watched.

I deeply recommend ‘Misaeng’ , but be prepared for an emotional journey that will deeply affected you.

misaeng postterMisaeng stillsMisaeng cast


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