INFINITE’s Sunggyu captures hearts with touching tracks ‘Answer’ and ‘Kontrol’


INFINTE‘s Sunggyu is capturing netizens hearts with his comeback title tracks ‘Answer‘ and ‘Kontrol‘.

After three years INFINITE’s leader has returned with his second solo album ‘27‘ and double title tracks ‘Answer’ and ‘Kontrol’. Fans and netizens alike have fallen in love with the touching tracks and the MV for ‘Kontrol’ is receiving much attention for brilliantly conveying the touching emotions to its viewers. The other songs from the album ‘Alive‘, ‘Daydream‘ and ‘Reply‘ keep the sweet tunes making the whole album capture you with its emotions.

The sweet, emotional songs are composed by Nell’s Kim Jong Wan, and his influence can be clearly seen in the production of the whole album. Since its release on the 11th ‘27‘ has swept the #1 place on Hanteo‘s weekly chart for a whole week.

Check it out below.

Sunggyu – The Answer

Sunggyu – Kontrol

Sunggyu ’27’Album Playlist

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