‘Reply 1988’ confirms final cast with leads Hyeri, Park Bo Geum and Go Kyung Pyo

casting-news reply 1988

Final cast line-up for drama ‘Reply 1988’, the third instalment of the popular Reply series, has been revealed.

The production of the popular tvN Reply series just released the confirmed cast which includes leads Girl’s Day‘s Hyeri, Park Bo Geum and Go Kyung Pyo (both from Tomorrow’s Cantabile‘), and the supporting cast with newbie actress Ryu Hye Young (‘School 2013’), Lee Dong Hwi (‘Joseon Gunman’), movie actor Ahn Jae Hong (‘C’est si bon’), rising actor Ryu Jun Yeol (‘Socialphobia’) and veterans Sung Dong Il and Lee Il Hwa, known as the beloved parents couple from the previous Reply instalments.

reply 1988 castreply-1988-cast

The casting of the talented rising actors fits perfectly with the Reply series, which are famous for bringing a relatively new actors and idols and bringing them fame and recognition. But netizens are reacting negatively at the news of Girl’s Day‘s Hyeri being the female lead, as she was harshly criticized for her bad acting in both dramas  Hyde, Jekyll, Me and ‘Seonam Girls High School Investigators‘. Many of the comments left were ‘So they eventually went with Hyeri… won’t be watching this’ and ‘Reply’ seems to have a history of picking actresses and idols who don’t have a lot of recognition for their acting. Eunji – Go Ara – Hyeri. I wonder if they’ll hit daebak or fail this time’. 

‘Reply 1988’ is set to air in October 2015.


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