Best Korean Dramas of 2014

header best korean dramas of 2014

2014 had some amazing hit dramas that even crossed borders with its popularity. Sweet comedies, action filled or historical dramas are among the many plot choices you can choose from.

Here is a list of the best Korean dramas for 2014:



Misaeng (2014)

‘Misaeng’ is one of the most unique, emotional and amazing dramas of 2014. The drama is extraordinary with making heroes of regular office workers and interns, portraying their struggles in life mixing it perfectly with a sense of humour. It won the awards with votes by both netizens and PDs, with its characters that everyone can relate to.  Its a must watch drama!

You Who Came From the Stars

You Who Came From the Stars

‘You Who Came From the Stars’ became one of the biggest Korean drama hits, expanding even internationally. It’s a beautiful love story of an alien who meets his first love again after 400 years. The drama is very fun and light to watch, full with comedy moments. Its the drama that made Kim Soo Hyun and Jun Ji Hyun a mega starts.

God’s Gift – 14 Days

gods gift - 14 days

‘God’s Gift – 14 Days’ is an amazing drama with many twists and a mystery that will keep you on your toes until the end. It’s one of those rare dramas where you can’t predict what will happen next. It’s action-packed, riveting and compelling. Lee Bo Young and Cho Seung Woo were brilliant in their roles, and B1A4’s Baro impressed with his acting skills.

3 Days

3 Days

‘3 Days’ is also a drama that will take you on an amazing chase and mastermind plotting. Yoochun plays a presidential guard who has 3 days to find the kidnapped president and successfully evade the national security after being falsely accused as a conspirator behind it. It’s a drama with a lot of mystery and action to keep you on your toes.

Bad Guys

bad guys

‘Bad Guys’ is a brilliant drama with great cast and directors execution. A police officer brings together a team of convicts – a gangster, an assassin and a serial killer, to hunt down and resolve cases. It’s actually a bad-ass drama with a lot of fighting and great team work. The story also portrays the idea of second chances, the struggles, hidden emotions and learning forgiveness.

Empress Ki

Empress Ki

‘Empress Ki’ is another drama that received much attention and love. Based on historical events the drama follows the life of a Korean king, Emperor and an amazing woman who wins both their hearts, but has to choose between love or help build a better nation. The direction, setting and chemistry between Ji Won, Joo Jin Mo and Ji Chang Wook brought it to such success.

Marriage Not Dating

Marriage Not Dating

‘Marriage Not Dating’ creates a sweet comedy with the story of a guy who doesn’t want to marry but is pressured by his family. His solution – create a fake relationship with the crazy ex of his best friend, a girl who he is sure would not be accepted by his parents. There are many comic situations that will make you cry while laughing.

King of High School Life Conduct

King of High School Life of Conduct

‘King of High School Life Conduct’ will make you laugh with its comedy situations. Seo In Guk gets dragged to pretend to be his older brother, so he has to live a double life – as a director in a company while being in high school, without being discovered. It’s sweet, funny and very light drama to enjoy.



‘Pinocchio’ became one of the biggest drama hits for 2014. Starring Lee Jong Suk and Park Shin Hye , they play aspiring reporters who want to cover true stories but face the harsh reality of media life. Of course there is a twist, our main heroine has ‘Pinnochio’ syndrome – she hiccups if she tells a lie, while Lee Jong Suk is living with a hidden identity because of a big scandal when he was young in which the media ruined his family.

Gap Dong

Gap Dong

‘Gap Dong’ is the first dark role Lee Joon has taken. His portrayal of a psychopath was outstanding, and the drama itself had a very dark setting. It follows a detective and a survived victim as they try to catch a serial killer. The drama is more serious and psychological, but definitely worth.


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