Fans rejoice as Song Joong Ki is discharged from the army

Song Joong Ki - discharge

Finally, the day so many fans have been waiting for, on 26th actor Song Joong Ki was officially discharged after serving his 2 years mandatory military duty.

The actor was greeted by fans and media that came and camped outside his military base. Touched to see so many people Song Joong Ki greeted them with ”It’s been awhile since I’ve seen so many cameras. Thank you for coming all this way. I don’t know if I’ve caused an inconvenience. I’m greeting you after such a long time, I am Sergeant Song Joong Ki.”

Song Joong Ki - discharge-1

Song Joong Ki is receiving so much love not only from fans and media but from the industry as well. The actor has been confirmed for his first comeback project even before his discharge, with the KBS2‘s upcoming dramaDescendents of the Sun’. He has also received many love calls for movie offers and various advertising gigs. I am personally very exited that Song Joong Ki is back.

Song Joong Ki - discharge-3 Song Joong Ki - discharge-2
Song Joong Ki Discharge


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