Best Dramas of 2014-2015 voted by industry veteran PDs

223962_originalBest dramas 2014-2015 PD vote 2nd 3rd

Korean TV Report released an industry veteran PDs vote on the best K-dramas of the recent years.

It comes as no surprise that tvN‘s ‘Misaeng was voted with majority as best drama of the last two years, followed by SBS‘s ‘Punch‘ and MBC‘s Kill Me Heal Me‘ to form the top three. These there dramas deserve their top positions, as they delivered strong, emotional and intense storyline with a brilliant execution. It is surprising though to see the mega hit SBS‘s drama ‘You From Another Star‘ so low in the ranks, landing on 5th place. Check the rankings below. 

Industry veterans pick the best dramas of 2014-2015

(A total of 40 voters include 30 PDs from SBS/KBS/MBC, 5 PDs from CJ E&M, and 5 PDs from jTBC):

  1. Misaeng – tvN (14 votes)
  2. Punch – SBS (8 votes)
  3. Kill Me Heal Me – MBC (5 votes)
  4. Secret Love Affair – jTBC (4 votes)
  5. You From Another Star – SBS (3 votes)
  6. Heard it Through the Grapevine – SBS (3 votes)
  7. What’s With the Family – KBS (3 votes)
  8. It’s Okay It’s Love – SBS (2 votes)
  9. Jeong Do Jeon – KBS (1 vote)
  10. Pride and Prejudice – MBC (1 vote)

Did your favourite drama made the list ?


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