Lee Seung Gi and more star cameos in drama ‘Producer’

Lee Seung Gi in ProducerActor Lee Seung Gi is the latest star cameo in drama ‘Producer’.

Beside the developing connections of the four leads, the celebrity cameos have been perfectly integrated so that personalities are excellently highlighted. Lee Seung Gi plays up his nation’s nicest young man image while also hinting  at a more conflicted personality hidden under the surface, and with the bonus of making our sweet Kim Soo Hyun‘s character adorably jealous.

Producer Lee Seung Gi-Gong Hyo Jin-Kim Soo Hyun

The first two episodes saw the appearance of veteran actress legends Yoon Yeo Jung, Geum Bo Ra, Hwang Shin Hye and Hyun Young, along with actress Jo Yoon Hee and brief cameo from girl group TaeTiSeo.

Veteran actresses and taetiseo

The third episode recorded the highest number of cameos (11), with JYP’s CEO Park Jin Young and idol stars 2AM‘s Jo Kwon, Sunmi, 2PM‘s Nichkhun, GOT7‘s Jackson and EXID‘s Hani, comedians and tv show cast Shin Dong Yup, Jo Jung Chi, Yoon Jong Shin, Lee Young Ja, Jung Chan Woo and actors Lee Chun Hee and Jang Hyuk. Episode four brought us YG idols 2NE1‘s Sandara Park and WINNER‘s Kang Seung Yoon, YG trainees Kim Ji Soo and Kim Min Jae, and Boyfriend’s Minwoo. Joining the star-studded cameos in episode six is also actor Lee Seung Gi.

YG Family Sandara Park-Kang Seung Yoon-Kim Ji SooActor Jang Hyuk

Currently the drama is not only grabbing attention with its many star cameos, but setting a record with them. Only 6 episodes in, the drama has the astonishing number of 24 cameos of high profile and popular stars.


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