Running Man ‘hip-hop special’ with guests Jessi, Eun Ji Won, Jay Park, San E & Verbal Jint

Running man Hip Hop Special with Eun-Ji-Won-San-E-Jay-Park-verbal-jint-jessi

The upcoming episode of SBS‘ ‘Running Man‘ is a ‘hip-hop star special’ with Jay Park, Jessi, Eun Ji Won, San E and Verbal Jint.

With the rising popularity of hip-hop artists, some of the biggest stars will be competing in a race to declare who is the king of ‘Running High School’. The producer remarked, “This time around too, Jessi will have Yoo Jae Suk in the palm of her hand. Look forward to it.”

It seems Jessi would keep the Running Man cast nervous and on their toes, showing her fierceness. Ji Suk Jin has commented, “Jessi is seriously no joke”.

The episode will air on June 21 at 6:20 pm KST.


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